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Iran Stabilizer Company is one of the main producers of PVC Additives, Industrial Lubricants and Stearates in Asia. This company was established on 01.06.1991 with registration number 430 for the purpose of entrepreneurship, Employment generation, increased production and economic prosperity of the country. The production line of Iran Stabilizer Company located in Alborz, Caspian industrial State and Takestan of Qazvin. This company has focused on the satisfaction of its customers by offering the best solution for customer problems. The quality of this company's products is derived from extensive experience in providing various and extensive needs of the industry, especially the Polymer Stabilizer industry, Industrial lubricants and Stearates.

This company has valuable human resources and by providing the best technical solution to use the product, it increases the value of the customers' products and makes their growth path smoother.
In order to achieve scientific and technical production goals, the main approach of the company is set as follows:
- Increase in income at the same time with the improvement of the level of scientific and technical knowledge, the development of the export of raw materials of the PVC Industry, the leader in the creation of added value.
- Improving technical knowledge in engineering and business equipment
- A leader in the PVC industry in order to achieve market leadership
- Creating trends in the market and focusing on protecting quality and the environment.


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Iran Stabilizer co.
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